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Ms. Chantal Gerbe
Ms. Chantal Gerbe

Cornel and Felina Brown
Cornel & Felina Brown

Royal Palm Island Resort Staff Members
Staff Members

In 2007, Chantal Gerbe, originally hailing from France, bought little Frenchman Caye and embarked on a labour of love. She personally planned and oversaw development of the island, known as a ‘caye’ (pronounced key) in Belize. The original intention was to simply build a nice home for her and her husband to relax away from the city lights and to have some space to welcome friends and family.

After much thought she decided to open the resort to non family and friends as a private island retreat, and what you see today is her pride and joy presented in true island fashion for all to enjoy. As a resort it was not the intention to make it a bastion or refuge only for the super rich, but to build cottages that blend well into the ‘beach easy’ situation. Chantal has perfectly captured the balance of beach life, ample dining, unobtrusive friendly local service and all that visitors will need to feel at home. You will see personal touches and attention to detail from Chantal throughout the island.

The whistle of the wind and the gentle waves lapping on the beach in front of the cottages is the language Chantal wanted to convey to the Island's visitors. Camera in hand, every visitor snaps away happily at the many faces presented during the day, and with the change of seasons and as homage to the guests efforts, Chantal has insisted the resort's photo gallery be comprised only with photos taken by her guests. Vive la difference!

The island is perfectly managed by husband and wife team Cornel and Felina Brown, for whom nothing is too much trouble. Their able and flexible team are on hand to cater to any and all guest needs.

As Chantal expresses in her native tongue “Bienvenue chez moi, je vous souhaite un agréable séjour.” - “Welcome to my home, I wish you a pleasant stay.”